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Forged Rolls
High-quality rolls for high-tech rolling mills

Japan Advanced Roll strives to enhance performance in order to provide customers with the rolls they need, keeping pace with the higher performance of rolling mills and advances in rolling technology. As an integrated manufacturer of rolls for the various different types of rolling mill, taking responsibility for everything from producing the materials to the finished rolls, the company has itself developed the technologies and key equipment used in each step of the roll-making process. It is highly regarded for its expertise in ESR*, a technique for producing highly refined steel, and in the heat treatment techniques essential to the manufacture of high-performance rolls. The production of these rolls draws on our extensive experience and R & D activities from over half a century of operation.

  • * ESR : Electro-Slag-Remelting

Back Up Rolls for Hot Strip Mill

Rolls for Cluster Type & Sendzimir Mills

Forged Rolls

As an integrated manufacturer of rolls, from producing the materials to the finished rolls, Japan Advanced Roll supplies a range of forged rolls to suit different customer requirements and types of rolling.

Forged HSS Rolls

HSS*Rolls  * High-speed steel

Japan Advanced Roll has produced small HSS rolls in large numbers, having engaged in the development of HSS rolls for Sendzimir mills since the late 1950s.
The company went on, in the 1980s, to successfully develop a technique for manufacturing HSS rolls with a composite structure for use in tandem mills, an application that poses problems for rolls of uniform structure. This was achieved through the in-house development of a specially designed ESR system that uses the "rotational ESR bimetallic method."
The current product range includes HSS rolls and super-HSS rolls for use in tandem mills that roll electrical steel sheet and other materials with high hardness for which there is strong demand as a result of factors such as the growing market for hybrid vehicles.

Semi-HSS Rolls

In 2008, Japan Advanced Roll introduced a new advanced ESR system that featured a fully coaxial high-current feeding system together with slag pool resistance swing control.
A key feature of the new system was the ability to manufacture high-quality ESR ingots with a finer dendritic microstructure. This new ESR technique significantly improves the ease of roll grinding.
Japan Advanced Roll utilizes the advanced ESR system on rolls made from high-tensile steel and hard tinplate, supplying semi-HSS rolls with a uniform (non-composite) structure that combines high levels of both wear performance and ease-of-grinding.

Work Rolls for Electric Steel Sheet Rolling Mill

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